I was recommended Lucinda by a colleague and went to see her for the treatment of my menopausal symptoms. Lucinda was incredibly supportive throughout the time I was seeing her and I found the acupuncture really benefited me. She proved a tremendous rock through a period of huge change for me both emotionally as well as hormonally.  Her calm, pragmatic approach coupled with her humour never failed to lighten my mood and I always enjoyed our sessions putting the world to rights.


I decided to have acupuncture to help with my IBS and was recommended Lucinda via a friend.  I looked forward to my appointments and found relief in some of my symptoms almost immediately. Lucinda not only treated me with acupuncture but also offered beneficial dietary advice and some suggestions on how to manage my stress levels better. Her informal yet professional approach instantly puts you at ease and I felt I could tell her anything. I’ve continued to have treatments on a “maintenance” basis as I feel that acupuncture has completely transformed my overall health.


Lucinda was a crucial help during my pregnancy. At 36 weeks, when my baby was breech, she used moxibustion to try to turn him around – and it worked after just four sessions, three of which I was able to do at home myself after she had shown me what to do.  At 41 weeks and 4 days, following the advice of the midwife, she performed acupuncture on me in order to facilitate my labour; my waters broke 12 hours later and I had a very positive birth experience. Her performance was 100% effective. Still, I think this effectiveness was due not only to her obviously amazing technique but also to the fact that she was wonderful in explaining everything about the procedures and in making me feel totally relaxed, confident and at ease. She was professional as well as charming and friendly.


I first went to see Lucinda after having had 2 miscarriages and having been told that my chances of having another baby were slim due to low AMH levels. I started treatment with Lucinda and shortly afterwards fell pregnant with our second baby.  I returned again for treatment not long after the birth as we were keen to try for a third child and knew that time was against us as my AMH levels had fallen further and had been told that IVF was our best course of action.  However after four months of treatment I conceived naturally.   Lucinda was a real support throughout my treatments and subsequent pregnancies. Her calm, compassionate manner really is invaluable in what can be quite a difficult and emotional time and I cannot recommend her highly enough.


Having had only disappointment with IVF and about to start another cycle it was recommended that I had some acupuncture along side it. Not being a huge fan of needles I rather reluctantly went to see Lucinda. She could not have been more thorough, listening to all I had to say, running through all my relevant medical history, my previous IVF attempts and my failed pregnancy. Not only can you feel completely confident in her ability but, in spite of the needles, she made the whole process relaxing and enjoyable.

I am 100% convinced that both Lucinda and the acupuncture contributed to the success of the IVF and the safe arrival of my little boy. I found her support throughout the IVF and my pregnancy invaluable. I really cannot thank her enough or rate her more highly.


My eldest was conceived through IUI after years of trying and I was really struggling to get pregnant a second time, turning to acupuncture as a last resort to aid the IUI attempts.  After seeing Lucinda for about 5 months I got pregnant naturally!  I am convinced it was down to the acupuncture and Lucinda’s attitude and approach to subfertility issues.  She provides so much more support than just the physical aspect of the acupuncture; helping psychologically, nutritionally and emotionally with an amazing empathy for the stress and strain that trying for a baby can place on couples.  I could not recommend Lucinda more highly.